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Hibeads tell you Pandora Enamel Beads the legend of the amethyst Hibeads tell you the legend of the amethyst The english track record the amethyst, from traditional, message"Not conveniently broken.Amethyst is a purple to dark purple crystal family is the highest priced one, because crystals contain crystal mn, fe3 + and violet colorings.Clear china gemstone in Cheap Pandora Bracelets the two color microscope obvious pleochroism.In the event that of high fever, or shedding, often leads to space change gemstone, a darkish, brown leafy. Amethyst is the purple color of the most effective red to purple.Due to its beautiful purple, so has been popular varieties of jade, any"Emperor of jade"Around the world.The global gem industry to amethyst as the"Feb birthday stone, And also its elegant color, the ancient chinese believed that amethyst could promote mutual utilizing, open, bless the people great pot of gold, and immune to the idea of infectious diseases and suppress evil.Amethyst may have"Honorable stone"On the globe.Amethyst very adaptable.I did so sculpture and jade ring surface.Bishop of the roman church is to be able to often wear dai zijing ring, to quit evil.Crown princess of wales have a circle of pearls and of top quality amethyst. Based on legend, julius caesar fanatical search for amethyst, sent thousands of folks looking for that special trip to the jewelry supplier urals mining ore.The most well-Known legend of amethyst is the cure epilepsy effect or to prevent drunk.Amethyst sobering stories of the past is where the ancient greek language god of wine backus coming.It is known the moon, chaste goddess diana backus once upset the god of wine, he settle professional scores, that let him experience the first woman to be eaten by tigers. Just at that time, a stylish young girl through his path amethyst, bacchus cheapest price bianhuan a ferocious tiger in a rush amethyst, misery among her help in the chaste goddess diana, diana recovered her, to guard her her into a pure and clean stone.Bacchus baccus see doing this, eventually realize, to say sorry, wine poured figure in the amethyst petrochemicals.As the legend linked to the bacchanal backus, it is insisted that the drinking cup with amethyst, even drinking a good chunk, it can drink from those who get drunk and unreasonable.


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